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Emma Rayne Lyle


Emma Rayne Lyle is a versatile actress with a range of talents, able to bring complex and nuanced characters to life on screen. Her performances are often praised for their emotional depth and authenticity, as well as her ability to convey subtle nuances through her acting. She has shown versatility in her roles, ranging from dramatic to comedic, and has an innate ability to connect with her characters and make them relatable to audiences. Lyle’s dedication to her craft and her natural talent make her a promising and talented actress to watch in the years to come.

At the age of seven, Emma began making a name for herself in the film industry, with notable appearances in several projects. She starred in the critically acclaimed film “Return” (2011) as Jackie, and also appeared in “I Don’t Know How She Does It” (2011) as Emily Reddy and “Why Stop Now?” (2012) as Nicole Bloom.

Emma can be see on Peacock in the television series “The Calling” (2022) as Hailey Townsend, “Mr. Mercedes” (2017) as Tina Saubers, and “The Mentalist” (2012) as Hailey. She has also starred in the TV movie “The Nerd Posse” (2017) as Lennon Donnelly and appeared in an episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (2012) as Lily Whitley.

With her impressive range and dedication to her craft, Emma Rayne Lyle is a talent to watch. Her ability to convey nuanced characters and convey emotion through her performances is a testament to her skill as an actress, and audiences can expect to see much more of her work in the years to come.

I Don't Know How She Does It

New York City, 2012

Little Red Wagon


Mail Order Monster


Jessica Darling's It List Premiere

Los Angeles, 2016

Jessica Darling's It List

Emma Rayne Lyle as Bridget, 2016

The Mentalist


New York City


Emma’s Most Recent


The Calling

Television, Peacock, 2022

The Calling

Guided by a deep sense of spirituality and religious principles, NYPD Detective Avraham Avraham is left to question his own humanity when a routine investigation turns upside down.

Mr. Mercedes

Television, AT&T, 2018

Mr. Mercedes

The cat and mouse game between Hodges and Brady escalates. Hodges has an upsetting conversation with Janey’s mother. Deborah’s drinking almost causes an accident at the Hartsfield home.

Jessica Darling's

Film, Marvista, 2016

Jessica Darling’s It List

Jessica Darling’s older sister gives her the “IT List,” a checklist on how to navigate the middle school popularity hierarchy. The instructions appear simple enough to follow, but like life, nothing is as easy as it seems.